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I just watched Microsoft’s first commercial for their Surface tablet. It sucks. I get it: you’re so very proud of that “perfect click” sound you engineered – but that’s not what you center a commercial around.

This is the Microsoft Surface commercial that I would make.

Opening shot shows an iPad on its home screen. “This is an iPad,” starts the voiceover. “All your apps are laid out, ready to launch.” The camera zooms in on one of the icons, “You tap here to see your appointments for today.” Switch to another icon. “Tap here to get updates from your friends.” Switch to another icon. “And you can tap here to see the weather – because it’s not actually 73 degrees and sunny.”

Camera switches to another tablet. This time it’s Surface. “This is the new Microsoft Surface,” says the voiceover. “All your apps are laid out, ready to launch.” The camera zooms in, showing all the information right on screen that would have required tapping and hunting on the iPad.

“But you don’t need to. Looks like I’ll need an umbrella for the football game today.”


Sure, Apple’s new iPod commercial is just as useless as the Surface commercial. But they can get away with that because everyone knows how an iPod works. The Surface is still an unknown to most people. I hope Microsoft gets more serious about their marketing as time goes on.

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One thought on “Microsoft Surface

  1. Hola a todos! Bueno, aquí estoy cayendo en desgracia una vez más y la necesidad de complementar los ingresos de mi negocio de fotografía y después de tratar con los productos de Apple en los últimos seis años. Ahora me estoy cayendo de nuevo en las habilidades que había reparación de PC que he utilizado en el pasado y que se remonta a un pequeño taller de reparación “Mom & Pop” cerca de mi casa y me voy a volver a trabajar únicamente con Windows. Así que no hace falta decir que estoy muy oxidado con mis conocimientos de Windows. Estoy aquí en busca de aprender nuevas habilidades y destrezas reaprender que han disminuido en los últimos años

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