Trowl v0.2 released!

I’ve been working on refining some of the details of my original release of Trowl, and after testing it over an entire weekend of Otakon, I feel confident in releasing version 0.2 today.

This release adds most of what I outlined in my last post, as well as fixing some bugs and adding better error detection.  Specifically, I added a new type of Growl for errors.  If I get an error response from Twitter, or the app isn’t even able to make a connection to, then you will get a Growl with the exact error.  In a future release I will try to clean this up to be a bit more user friendly.  (For example, it’s not really obvious that “Bad Gateway” is Twitter’s error for server being overloaded.)

As for actual features you can use, well: a picture is probably worth a thousand words:

These are new settings you can toggle.  Two of them I outlined when version 0.1 was released: the ability to get growls of all @replies and all DMs.  These are set to be enabled by default.

As I was using Trowl with Prowl, I realized that I didn’t really need to get push notifications of my friend’s replies to other friends.  Sometimes it was something I was interested in right away – most times it wasn’t, and I was fine waiting until later to catch up on those details.  So, I added the “Do not growl tweets that are @replies to others” for that purpose.  If you’re not using Prowl, this setting probably isn’t as important, and is not enabled by default.

There is still some cleaning up I want to do, and other feature ideas I might implement.  I’m sure there are more bugs to find as well.  In the meantime, though, feel free to download and please send your feedback.  I’m @mageuzi on twitter.

Trowl 0.2
.NET Framework 3.5 required.
Unzip to a new folder (or replace version 0.1) and run trowl.exe – that’s it!
See my original Trowl annoucement for the rest of the nitty-gritty.

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One thought on “Trowl v0.2 released!

  1. Alan Dobkin says:

    Trowl looks great, but it only displays part of my friends list. The tweets that I really want to receive are not available on the list. How do I get them to show up? If it is an API limitation, maybe there should be a text field to enter additional userids to Growl.

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