0. Introduction


What is the symbol at the start of this post? Some would consider it a core part of the Western alphabet. Some would see it as a representation of a musical note. Yet others would take more abstract views – perhaps it’s the single hair atop a baby’s head.

But what everyone can agree on is that it is possible to derive meaning from an otherwise simplistic stroke of ink (or pixels, as the case may be).  That’s what makes humanity, the Earth and the Universe so amazing.

I’m a curious person. If there is something I don’t know much about, I will strive to become more familiar with it.  I don’t always have the time to go into great depth on a topic, but I like to learn what I can about its foundation.

This also means I form some rather strong opinions. It would be ignorant for me to say that my opinions are “correct”, but I do my best to form opinions that are logically consistent – or as logical as a human can be, anyway.

I am working on a series of posts that lay bare my opinions on various general topics. Why? Because I like to rant, ramble and discuss. While I know that people won’t agree with me, I’d like to outline some of my thoughts on this crazy existence we find ourselves in.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Part 1: The Universe >>

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