iPhone 4 Camera

How good is the iPhone 4 camera?  I haven’t had a chance to really give it a good run, so on my way home from work today, I stopped and took some photos.  Once home, I used Windows Live Photo Gallery to stitch them into a panorama. Using Microsoft software to manipulate photos taken on an Apple device? Unthinkable!

Anyway, in all seriousness, here are the results.  For the most part, I’m impressed — especially considering these are coming from a camera phone.  But, they’re not nearly as detailed as the panoramic photos I took with my real camera while in Spain earlier this year.  Also, the afternoon sun didn’t play nice with some of the shots.

Here are the undoctored (except for being stitched together) photos. Click on them to see the full size pictures (they’re BIG, about 2-3MB each!).

IMG_0473 Stitch

IMG_0476 Stitch

IMG_0478 Stitch

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